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About Me

Hello, I'm a home BBQ enthusiast and I cook a lot of smoked pork.

Here's my BBQ smoking journey and why I created this website:

I knew how to grill meat, but didn't start smoking food until 2014 after my family bought me a Master Forge vertical gas smoker. With my new smoker ready to go, I began my quest to become a home BBQ wizard... meaning, I watched a lot of BBQ Pitmasters on TV :-).

I researched smoking techniques, read online forums, and absorbed the tips and tricks shared by seasoned pitmasters. I quickly became obsessed with mastering all things "smoked." I experimented with cooking different cuts of meat and pork, including ribs, shoulders, and tenderloins.

I eventually learned to cook with a balance of smoke, heat, and time. Over the years, I fine-tuned the temperature and cook times to create some great smoky flavors. From delicious smoked pork ribs to melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork sandwiches. I also have cold-smoked cheese and salmon (very good!).

I'm continuously trying new techniques and using different wood chips to create distinct smoky profiles. Over the years, I have become more interested in cooking efficiency.

I use what I call the "KISS" cooking method, Keep-It-Simple-Smoking. The days of a 22-hour overnight pork smoke are over for me. Using the proper heat and cooking technique, pork should be an easy and "forgivable" cut of meat that doesn't take all weekend.

I'm happy to share my knowledge and inspire others on their BBQ journeys!

Make simple & tasty BBQ

I built this site because I find most recipe websites to be overly complex, or have way too many ads. I keep it simple, and to the point. I hope y'all try my recipes and find this site to be helpful!

– Patrick LaJuett

Patrick LaJuett - home BBQ wizard

Patrick and his vertical gas smoker


Smoked picnic hams

Smoked pork with bbq rub

Smoked pork ribs

Here are some regional styles of pork barbecue, including Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas BBQ.

Patrick's Pork recipes feature a simple "smoker to oven" BBQ cooking method.

 Pulled Pork  •  Pork Ribs  •  Pork Loin  •  Hot Dogs  •  More Coming Soon!

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