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I am a hobbyist BBQ cooker who specializes in smoking pulled pork for friends and family gatherings. I have smoked pork hundreds of times, and have also cooked salmon, chicken, turkey, beef, corn, potatoes, eggs, and cheese!

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Patrick LaJuett

Made in Maiden, North Carolina:

Keep it simple and smoky... cook smoked pulled pork my way.

Don't stay up all night monitoring your wood smoker. LET YOUR OVEN DO THE HARD PART... which is maintaining a consistent low temperature throughout the cook. It never fails!

PA full bbq smoker cookout

Here are some regional styles of pork barbecue, including Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas BBQ.

Patrick's Pork recipes feature a simple "smoker to oven" BBQ cooking method.

 Pulled Pork •  Pork Ribs •  Pork Loin •  Hot Dogs •  BBQ Dry Rub •  Deep Fried Pork Tenderloin

 Mac and Cheese