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Here's a growing resource page for all things related to cooking BBQ pork.  I'll be adding to this as time permits:

Americans love pork!

According to a 2020 USDA, the number of all hogs and pigs in the United States was approximately 80 million. This number includes both market hogs and breeding stock.

Why is pork is less expensive than beef?

Pork production is often more efficient and cost-effective than beef production, as pigs can be raised and reach market weight relatively quickly. Less expensive cuts, such as pork shoulder or pork chops, are often affordable, making pork an accessible protein choice for many households.

What are the top 5 pork producing states?

Pork production in the United States is a crucial part of the country's farming sector, with several states playing an essential role in the overall output. The top pork-producing states are Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Illinois, and Indiana. In 2020, these states raised close to 70 percent of the 71+ million pigs brought to market.

Did you know?

The term barbeque most likely originated in the Caribbean Islands.

The Taíno word "barbacoa" referred to a wooden framework used for cooking meat over a fire.

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Simple Smoked Pork Recipes


Here are some regional styles of pork barbecue, including Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas BBQ.

Patrick's Pork recipes feature a simple "smoker to oven" BBQ cooking method.

 Pulled Pork  •  Pork Ribs  •  Pork Loin  •  Hot Dogs  •  More Coming Soon!

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